Monday, June 25, 2018

Stepping Stones

|Warning - having trouble with the formatting in Blogger. Something keeps fouling this post up! I do apologize!

Howdy! How's it going? I'm sitting here "breaking my fast" this morning and just thinking... I already ate the blueberries on my plate by the way! :) I LOVE early mornings! Waking up early is awesome because you can get so much done before everyone else is up!

So I'm working on a project that is taking me a while because of the steps-I'm refinishing my son's dresser! As soon as I'm finished with it I'll post it on here. I am hoping to have it completed tomorrow night! I'm so tired of having rooms all out of whack!

Since I don't want to post pictures of it yet I will post pics of an older project! A couple months ago I installed three stepping stones that were extra finds next to our patio. Instead of disposing of them we're using them.

You see, I had buried one of the stepping stones and had two left to do for over a year. The mower would get hung up on it and I was afraid someone was going to get hurt tripping over it.

These aren't pretty pictures but it's something I've been putting off for a while/ I'm so happy I finally got this completed. AHHHH! What projects are you putting off?
Happy Day!


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