Sunday, May 6, 2018

Laundry - A Load A Day So I Can Keep Up With It!

Hi Everybody! How are things going? Hopefully good. It's late at night and I'm trying to do a clean sweep of things before tomorrow. I got off track after last weekend because of our yard sale. It took a lot out of me and afterwards it's always a lot of work to try and figure out what to do with everything. 

Sooooo. Laundry... I DETEST folding laundry! Can't stand it. I'd rather mow the yard than fold laundry. I'd rather dig in the dirt than fold laundry. It's such a pain in the butt... LAUNDRY!

BUT I think I have found a system to help with that one awful chore! I've switched from doing laundry one time a week to doing one load a day. It's quick, it dries faster and it's pretty simple and a lot less to fold and put away at one time. I make sure I start the load and finish and put away one load a day. I'm pretty excited about it. It's like this secret a lot of moms have but really it's so simple and I'm so dumb for not realizing this much longer ago! I typically do 7-8 loads when I do it one time a week so it's not so bad!

These IKEA bags used to be my laundry system. I'd do laundry for an entire day or two then separate each person's clothes into one bag then do towels and sheets in one. UGGH The bags just cluttered up the laundry room and the floor while I was filling them up, waiting on laundry to finish. Plus some times it would take one to two days to get it all put away.

Now I just do the laundry and carry it up by hand. I think I'm going to get one rectangular laundry basket to carry the one load up in.

I did try to also do one load a day and batch it so that it I am doing similar fabrics together. It worked out well too but I found that I would have a bit of a larger load in one day but then again it could save me from having to do a load every single day. I'm going to play with it for a while and figure out the best strategy.

How do you do your laundry? I'd love to hear!