Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The Neverending Leaf Pile!

Oh goodness! We had never-ending leaves in our back yard for MONTHS! Last week I was finally able to rake them all up and bag them and get them to the curb! WOO-HOO! I spent two days working on this project and now it is DONE! Another Spring project I can mark off the list. 

What's on your list?

Back Yard

Front Yard For Pick-Up!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Happy Hump Day! I had a horror-flick style vomit session late Friday night accompanied by good old diahrea. How's that for a lovely description of TMI on a home decorating bloggety blog?!?! Oh my gosh it was awful. I was in bed the entire weekend quarantined from the rest of the family just in case it was a contagious stomach bug. I wasn't sure if it might have been food poisoning but NOPE, a big, fat N-O-P-E! Both my kids are home today puking so I have my answer! Praying the hubs doesn't get it because if he gets it, oh I won't go in detail but it won't be fun! LOL

SOOOOO I've been having fun redecorating the house. I've been working on it a lot to make it more of a vacation feeling so we enjoy it like when we go on our beach vacations and enjoy those!

I told you I would share some of the beachy decorations and here are some! I love them! The clothes pin-I've got to find a cute picture of the family from one of our vacations to add to it. :-)

What do you think? Well I've got laundry to do, dishes to put away and some leaves to rake up today for the trash pickup tomorrow.  Have a great day! Love ya!


Sunday, April 15, 2018

Guess What I'm Doing!

The annual yard sale! YES! This one should be the biggest one yet too. Lots of furniture... LOTS of furniture! Lots of kids stuff! Lots of Stuff! We've been hanging on to so much of this stuff tagged as yard sale things for months and it's cluttering up our home. Can't wait to unload it all soon. 

Below is the sign I just made to laminate and hang on our mailbox. Can't wait!

A lot of people don't enjoy yard sales but I really do. I kinda like the prep work and the day of meeting and getting to talk to lots of people. It's fun! I'll let you know how it goes and next post I'll show you some other projects I did over Spring Break! Have a great rest of your weekend.

I think Trading Spaces reboot is tonight. If I'm wrong, I apologize but if I'm right, I'm all eyes tonight. Can't wait to see how they reboot it.

See ya Later!


Friday, April 13, 2018

Freshly Painted Dining Room

Happy Hump Day! Spring Break was awesome last week because I got a lotta lotta done! Woot Woot!

Our dining room which was probably the last room to need a repaint got done! It took me forever and a day to get to it. I prepped it a couple weeks ago and finally got to it. We LOVE the new color! About ten years ago I painted the room a clay/coffee color. We are trying to transform the house into a beach vacation feel and so we went with a darker blue/gray!

I just love the contrast of the wall color and the floor color. The red color seemed libraryish and much more formal, where this color is soothing and casual! I'll show you some of the small decorations I've added later! 

Happy Friday! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Monday, April 9, 2018

New Years List Updated!

  1. Get computer organized
  2. Organize phone
  3. Pull out new dishes and organize them
  4. Brush our cat daily! he's long haired :)
  5. New curtains for our living room
  6. Tackle kitchen table
  7. Think about kitchen cabinets - do I want to paint or stain them?
  8. Touch up paint spots around the house
  9. Clean / paint baseboards
  10. Clean / paint back door
  11. Catch up on all the blog posts I've meant to post that I haven't. Sigh! We did a lot of things in 2017 and in years past to the house
  12. Painted Dining Room - I'll share the new dining room soon!
  13. Kitchen Cabinets - I want to stain them!

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

File Cabinet Redo

Hello! Happy Spring Break! Hope all is well! 

I have a stress fracture I'm trying to recover from but it can take anywhere from six months to a year. Sooooo I'm home for Spring Break. I really wanted to travel but I can't without a lot of pain. Don't want any setbacks. During our staycation I've been busting my butt to get some projects done that I've wanted to do for a while! I'm so excited too. I'll share those later.

This one is one I did a couple months ago and am so psyched. I didn't take a before picture but it was "U-G-L-Y! it aint got no alibi T'was UGLY"! yeah yeah it was UGLY! 

My husband got this old beat up filing cabinet 20 years ago and I've always disliked the look of it though it has come in very handy. It had dents and scratches and a really ugly silver drawer pull too. I've been wanting to redo it for a loooong time and I finally did! I had to order the drawer pull bc the screw holes were an odd distance apart but it worked. 

I used a simple gray chalk paint that I've had for a while. I sealed it and then distressed it with a dark antiquing wax. I love it! 

Yay for a good makeover!