Saturday, March 17, 2018


Minimalism - I used to hear it as a term used in college Art classes, yes I was an Art major in college. Minimalism was a type of Art. Now I hear it as a movement towards creating a simpler life. Minimalism is something I would LOVE to achieve and in a lot ways I have achieved it widdling down possessions. We still own a lot of things but it's an achievement I would love to acquire. I don't like the complexity of owning a lot of things. It's too much to keep up with for sanity. I keep thinking if we just owned less we would be happier.

Hmm. It's wild to see all the reasons people are trying to work towards a minimalistic approach. "Things" don't make us happy. Purchases give us a little bit of a high but accruing things adds more stress. Getting rid of things simplifies life. Less to have to keep up with, less to clean = less stress in general.

Going to my weekly Bible study and learning more on the Beatitudes as a way to live the way Jesus did, I'm getting to know more people at church and it feels so good. I'm getting to know a couple of the nuns better and I love them. They are so warm and welcoming and genuinely happy. They are striving for the same thing I'm striving for- Jesus. God. Heaven. Getting to know these women I'm learning more about their lives and I find it fascinating. They take vows of poverty and rid themselves of all possessions. In so much reading and watching youtube videos about becoming minimalists, I see some about what it does for ones faith. Anyway, no matter what we do- collect, dispose of, weed through, donate-God wants us to pray. Prayer is the one thing we can do that will bring us closer to God. I'm rambling I guess but the act of living a minimalistic lifestyle should (in my mind) mean more about giving up on possessions and living to serve God. Living with less gives more time to pray, volunteer, do more things to please our Father in Heaven.

Maybe it's also more about my own priorities. I worry too much about the unimportant and need to shift my focus on what is really important.

Anyway, Peace out! 


Keep It Simple Yay