Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Front Stoop Charm Changes Already!

Two months ago I showed you what I had done with our front stoop to help make it comfy and relaxing with a touch of a cozy, beach feeling. Well this is the stoop NOW!

elcome sign, little wooden white table with lantern and turquoise Adirondack chair all added!

So Far I love it! It adds a nice touch of bright color and a relaxed feel. I love to sit out there and burn a candle and listen to music and see my lemon plants that are growing!
What I did to help the wooden pieces was use two coats of a clear weatherizer on the white table and the welcome sign. 

What a difference color and a few minor little things does!
Happy Day to you!


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Have Faith In God Above All Things

What up y'all? It's almost Fall. I love Fall! Truth is I think I love all the seasons, I just don't like change. Once it's here, it'll be fun. Yes, I'm a goober and I admit I don't like change. Once dog days of summer hit though I feel ready for the next season of cooling off. How are you doing on this fine Tuesday? I'm up early so that is a plus for me. I do a lot better if I get up early, like "crack o' dawn" early and lately I have been really sucky at being consistent with bedtime and how much sleep I'm getting. Things are good on this end,  I can't complain. I've been slack this summer trying to enjoy the time I've had with my kids and it's coming to an end soon but I think I'm ready to get back into a good tight schedule and a more fixed routine. Yes oh yes! I don't want to be super slammed but on schedule will be good!
Yesterday was the eclipse and for us it was a little disappointing. It was an incredible thing for so many to witness but I guess my family had the expectation that it was going to get really dark here. We were interested in seeing how animals did and that sort of thing. It did get a little dim and eerie but I also dropped the ball and didn't buy the special glasses to watch it. Instead we made cereal box projectors and they're cool and all, just not the same as actually watching the eclipse.
I'm going to kind of talk about other things on my mind just because I feel like it and this is MY blog; my own little space to type what I want. I'm not always doing things to update our home so... and sometimes I feel like all I'm doing is typing up my superficial list of things to do that I never can seem to knock out but I have a lot of things constantly running through my head, some silly and kinda on the superficial side but some just hobbies and not so superficial :o
Anyway GAME OF THRONES! Woot Woot! Do you watch it? I've watched it with my husband since it all started and am kinda bummed by last weeks episode. I love the show but was bummed. Darnit! I don't want to be bummed about it so I sure hope next weeks finale isn't a sour cliff hanger to make us await the last season. I didn't read the books-my husband and dad did so I hear all sorts of ideas and opinions of what could or should happen and I hope it's not disappointing. So looking forward to that!
Music- I LOVE listening to music and lots of bands I like have new albums coming out this year. My family loves to have music night and crank the tunes and just dance like no one is watching! Arcade Fire is one of my all time favorite bands. I like what they stand for. I like how they sound. I like that they have a large presence on stage. It's really cool to see so many band members who are muti-talented and can switch up instruments at the drop of a hat. They are incredible live. I'm so glad we got to see them in concert once in our life! I really enjoy hearing how different their sound is. I like hearing how they are inspired and what they're playing next and where their music is taking them. It feels like they are always growing and it's really neat to see and hear!
My hubs and I went to a concert a month or so ago and it got rained out. It was an outdoor pavillion and we ended up standing under an awning for over two hours praying we wouldn't get struck by lightning, hoping to make it home alive for our kids. After that period of time we did get to see the band in an up close and personal show after the storm passed. It was really cool! 
CANCER- This past year my mom was diagnosed with stage 3.5 breast cancer. Cancer sucks. No doubt about it. It sucks out loud for the person going through it and I can't tell you how it feels to have it but it really sucks for family watching their loved ones suffer the illness. All I know is watching my mother go through this and feeling so helpless on the sidelines has taught me a lot about my family and myself. This year I've had a lot of anxiety over a lot of things and worrying doesn't really change things. It does NOTHING, nil, nada. NOTHING! Prayer and faith in God is the most powerful thing we can have in our lives. It is above ALL things. I can't put it into words to express my feelings but I am soooo proud of my mom. Last year, after several false negatives and finally being diagnosed with cancer, I've seen my mother grow spiritually, in a way I've never seen her grow. My father too. Both have always been very strong in their faith but this past year, I have seen them grow immensely. Even when my mom was weak in bodily strength she was so strong in her Christian faith. She seriously has had a glow about her. It's not the chemo or radiation glow, I promise! She remains strong in her faith. Anyway, I've had a lot of struggles coming to terms with my mom's cancer. I suspected she had it before her diagnosis. I've had a lot of anger and anxiety when she more humbly had the attitude, of why not me? Why am I better than anyone else and not expected to get cancer? She is right. I mostly struggled with what if she dies and all the what if's about it. I know I would miss her terribly. Well she is going to die one day. We ALL are. Thanks be to God she has beaten cancer this year.
Ever since getting pregnant and losing babies and having babies, I've thought about death. Not in a morbid way but a realistic sense. This thing with my mother though - has put life in a completely different perspective and I'm not sure why but I think about life and death more than I ever have. Spending time with my parents this summer has brought me closer to God. My parents are very encouraging and supportive and not preachy or judgemental. After spending time with them and seeing how they are living life, giving to one another, giving to the needy, going to church, praying, it makes me want be close to God. I want to read about God, I want to learn the Bible, I want to pray, I want to be closer to God. I want to be ready for God and death and life after death. It's a constant battle here on earth fighting off sin but I want to be close to God! Having faith in Jesus Christ our Savior is above all things to me. Wanting to do these things and doing them feels really good. It is seriously life changing.  
Having said that I'm not going to post any pictures today. I just wanted to share some feelings.
Keep It Simple YAY