Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Front Stoop Charm

Happy SUMMER SOLSTICE to you! Hope your day is wonderful!

With the extra time today I'm working on laundry, dishes and cleaning the hizzie on the inside. I'll be clearing out weeds in the back later on when it cools down. So exciting but yesterday we all got sun-zapped from the pool so we're taking a much needed break! What are you up to?

Here's a little info about myself - A lovely front porch is top on my list of "must haves" if we ever move again! I love a nice porch to sit out on and relax. Trying to learn some new ways to relax and sitting is one. Sitting on my "stoop" that is! Haha! Get it?! I can't really call what we have a PORCH but I can dream! :-)

I tried to create a little oasis not to mention a subtle beachy/coastal look. We LOVE the beach, no secret either. I pulled a plastic Adirondack chair from our back yard and added it to the stoop including a throw pillow for a splash of color and comfort, and some flowers and plants.

 Side view so you can see how small the stoop actually is.

I almost sold these big planters in our Spring YARD SALE! Glad I didn't and so is a bird who has made her nest in the plant! They had gold swirly accents around the pots and I just don't like GOLD that much soooo... I took some leftover pale blue latex paint and lightly brushed over the gold swirly accents! What a change it made!  
 This here cozy grouping of plants makes me happy.

So far I LOVE it! I throw on some music and sit and watch heat lightning at night or listen to nature and it's my little piece of heaven. Some nights a kiddo will even join me on the step with a popsicle.

Do you have a front porch, stoop or patio? Hope you get some relaxation this summer. Talk soon!

Keep It Simple YAY

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Mid Year Post

Pretty much sucks I haven't written a single post in almost a year. How are things going? I've been trying to stay afloat in family life and work through some things this year. I just haven't been able to get creative really. Well I say that... I've been creative just not in the bloggy sense.

Things have been good here, kinda been in a slump just trying to keep it going. I've got some updates to share so instead of talking about it and not doing, I need to get on the ball and post again and try to be more active. This site was supposed to be a creative outlet for myself. I have ditched all social media in the past year because it all drives me bonkers. Facebook, Twitter... I love seeing what other people are doing and sharing things myself but I'm over social media for the sake of being social. Just burned out. I don't know, electronics are great and all but I kinda miss my flip phone and old school ways of being in touch. I don't like seeing what smart phones, texting and social media is doing to our society as far as driving, staying active and just being human and real. I see the positives but I also see where it can be detrimental in some relationships. I'm just about over it!

Okay, jumping off my pedestal, I started this blog to be creative because for years I felt like I missed my calling as an Interior Decorator. I don't know if I did but I'm trying to follow my other callings and move on and live life to the fullest in as many aspects as possible. Home decorating is a favorite so I'm going to work on posting some more things about our house, I guess a lot of it is superficial but its the simple things and the family that creates a home. Trying to have some fun with our recent updates! I'm totally rambling on and it's late on a summer night! Happy Summer by the way!

Hope this finds anyone who might read my blog doing well.