Sunday, December 24, 2017

Friday, November 10, 2017

Selling Household Items

Wanted to hear from YOU! Where is your favorite place to sell household items? Craigslist? OfferUp? LetGo? Ebay?Yard Sales? Consign? OR do you mostly donate?

I'm trying to decide what the best route to go is!
I'm trying to unload some things...

Hope this finds you doing well. Happy weekend and stay WARM!


Sunday, September 24, 2017

To Do and Dreams and Babble

How are you? Hopefully this finds you doing well! We had a four day weekend due to a couple of teacher work days last week. It was spent recovering from a cold, reading, watching movies and playing catch up. Very helpful!

Tonight I made a yummy dinner and dessert and am stuffed. Since I've been sitting around the house I've been coming up with some new ideas of ways to update the house. Our house is getting a little blah and I'm itching to do some things to freshen it up.

Here's a list of things I'd like to do to update it somewhat.

  • brighten up interior colors of the house
  • finish painting picture frame in laundry room
  • rethink all the pictures in dining room and downstairs hall
  • change out baby pictures of kids on the walls up and downstairs
  • redo downstairs bathroom - update pictures, light fixture, walls, sink
  • possibly repaint dining room - nope not going to do it!
  • possibly repaint play room and get rid of magnetic wall hangings
  • possibly repaint kitchen and redo wall hangings
  • paint kitchen cabinets? 
  • rethink wall hangings in kitchen. hang something over fridge
  • clean up inside of cabinets
  • change out curtains in living room
  • get bedroom set up better
  • redo master bathroom
  • possibly make a firepit out back
It's quite a long list of things to do but I probably won't get half of it done. It's fun to think and play with ideas though.
Anyway on that note, I'm going to get ready for tomorrow. Time to shut my brain off and catch some Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's! Hope everyone has a great night of sleep. Oh my gosh, do you dream? I mean dream when you are sleeping? I have some of the silliest, craziest, most absurd and disturbing dreams. I dream things I would never think up myself. I know it's my brain when it's shut off and all but I started a "dream" book. I have started writing down the dreams I can remember. What is really wild about it is that I can't believe how fast I forget my dreams. The neat thing about writing down your sleeping dreams is going back weeks or months later to see how many dreams you've had that you totally forgot about. So wild. Anyway, on that note, sweet and happy dreams to you!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Cleaning Like A Fiend

Uggh! I love a clean house and today I've been cleaning like a fiend! I woke up feeling lousy - been sick with a nasty cold. Today was day five but I'm feeling MUCH better, especially after getting a nice shower.

Hope you've been keeping healthy. I work in the school system so now that school is back in session I've managed to pick up the first thing that has gone around. Yuck.

Now that I'm feeling better and can finally clear off my night stand, change the sheets and trash all my snot rags(sorry TMI) I want to get things back in order. Our house has been disgusting this week. Hate it when I fall behind on things around the house because it's a lot to catch up on.

So in between loads of laundry and cleaning toilets, I steam cleaned our carpets upstairs. I vacuumed and steam cleaned. It needed it. We really are ready for new carpet(ours is 20 years old) but we have a master bathroom redo that we want to do first because we'll have workers walking on the carpet carrying supplies, up and down the staircase.

Anyways, tonight I learned how to clean the steam vacuum after I used it (GROSSSSSSSSSS!) and now I'm online trying to learn how to empty our new dyson vacuum. I have to say, my hubs bought a new vacuum to try and help me around the house and I absolutely love it. I wasn't on board for the new vacuum purchase but we tried one of those expensive robot vacuums that scoots around your house and I hated it. I cringed because it was so loud as it crashed up against every piece of furniture we owned. There was way too much prep work involved and our kitten was terrified of the thing. But this chargeable battery operated Dyson stick vacuum thingy is awesome! If you are in the market for one, I highly recommend it.

Okay, I better get back to Youtube and figuring out how to empty this vacuum. Just wanted to say a quick hello. Hope all is well on your end.


Friday, September 1, 2017

Picture Change-A-Roo

How are you? I hope this finds you well on a Friday night. I'm kinda tired. Just listened to my Alma Mater lose our first football game of the season. Maybe next time. Plus listening to the rain and wind outside. Like a lot of people, we're getting remnants of Harvey.

This week has been a pretty busy week trying to get back in the school routine and it has been good. I haven't gotten the chance to watch much news on tv and honestly I try to avoid it as much as possible but tonight I flipped on the Weather Channel because I wanted to see what the weather is bringing us. The devastation in Texas from Hurricane Harvey is just heart breaking. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected and displaced by the storm and flooding.

On a lighter note I did a change-a-roo in the house today. I've had this vase plaque hanging downstairs for years and I love it. I had it and a tall, dark Ikea vase on the floor under it but I found something else today to replace the wall hanging.


Below is a new wall hanging I put it its place. It has brightened up the space giving it a more casual feeling. I love it because this is on one side of my front door and it's near a crucifix I received from my parents for Christmas one year, which is on the other side of the door. The crucifix and this wall hanging are uplifting and an awesome reminder of what is most important in life.


I'll be in touch again soon with silly updates, thoughts and schtuff! Hope you stay safe. Take care!


Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Front Stoop Charm Changes Already!

Two months ago I showed you what I had done with our front stoop to help make it comfy and relaxing with a touch of a cozy, beach feeling. Well this is the stoop NOW!

elcome sign, little wooden white table with lantern and turquoise Adirondack chair all added!

So Far I love it! It adds a nice touch of bright color and a relaxed feel. I love to sit out there and burn a candle and listen to music and see my lemon plants that are growing!
What I did to help the wooden pieces was use two coats of a clear weatherizer on the white table and the welcome sign. 

What a difference color and a few minor little things does!
Happy Day to you!


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Have Faith In God Above All Things

What up y'all? It's almost Fall. I love Fall! Truth is I think I love all the seasons, I just don't like change. Once it's here, it'll be fun. Yes, I'm a goober and I admit I don't like change. Once dog days of summer hit though I feel ready for the next season of cooling off. How are you doing on this fine Tuesday? I'm up early so that is a plus for me. I do a lot better if I get up early, like "crack o' dawn" early and lately I have been really sucky at being consistent with bedtime and how much sleep I'm getting. Things are good on this end,  I can't complain. I've been slack this summer trying to enjoy the time I've had with my kids and it's coming to an end soon but I think I'm ready to get back into a good tight schedule and a more fixed routine. Yes oh yes! I don't want to be super slammed but on schedule will be good!
Yesterday was the eclipse and for us it was a little disappointing. It was an incredible thing for so many to witness but I guess my family had the expectation that it was going to get really dark here. We were interested in seeing how animals did and that sort of thing. It did get a little dim and eerie but I also dropped the ball and didn't buy the special glasses to watch it. Instead we made cereal box projectors and they're cool and all, just not the same as actually watching the eclipse.
I'm going to kind of talk about other things on my mind just because I feel like it and this is MY blog; my own little space to type what I want. I'm not always doing things to update our home so... and sometimes I feel like all I'm doing is typing up my superficial list of things to do that I never can seem to knock out but I have a lot of things constantly running through my head, some silly and kinda on the superficial side but some just hobbies and not so superficial :o
Anyway GAME OF THRONES! Woot Woot! Do you watch it? I've watched it with my husband since it all started and am kinda bummed by last weeks episode. I love the show but was bummed. Darnit! I don't want to be bummed about it so I sure hope next weeks finale isn't a sour cliff hanger to make us await the last season. I didn't read the books-my husband and dad did so I hear all sorts of ideas and opinions of what could or should happen and I hope it's not disappointing. So looking forward to that!
Music- I LOVE listening to music and lots of bands I like have new albums coming out this year. My family loves to have music night and crank the tunes and just dance like no one is watching! Arcade Fire is one of my all time favorite bands. I like what they stand for. I like how they sound. I like that they have a large presence on stage. It's really cool to see so many band members who are muti-talented and can switch up instruments at the drop of a hat. They are incredible live. I'm so glad we got to see them in concert once in our life! I really enjoy hearing how different their sound is. I like hearing how they are inspired and what they're playing next and where their music is taking them. It feels like they are always growing and it's really neat to see and hear!
My hubs and I went to a concert a month or so ago and it got rained out. It was an outdoor pavillion and we ended up standing under an awning for over two hours praying we wouldn't get struck by lightning, hoping to make it home alive for our kids. After that period of time we did get to see the band in an up close and personal show after the storm passed. It was really cool! 
CANCER- This past year my mom was diagnosed with stage 3.5 breast cancer. Cancer sucks. No doubt about it. It sucks out loud for the person going through it and I can't tell you how it feels to have it but it really sucks for family watching their loved ones suffer the illness. All I know is watching my mother go through this and feeling so helpless on the sidelines has taught me a lot about my family and myself. This year I've had a lot of anxiety over a lot of things and worrying doesn't really change things. It does NOTHING, nil, nada. NOTHING! Prayer and faith in God is the most powerful thing we can have in our lives. It is above ALL things. I can't put it into words to express my feelings but I am soooo proud of my mom. Last year, after several false negatives and finally being diagnosed with cancer, I've seen my mother grow spiritually, in a way I've never seen her grow. My father too. Both have always been very strong in their faith but this past year, I have seen them grow immensely. Even when my mom was weak in bodily strength she was so strong in her Christian faith. She seriously has had a glow about her. It's not the chemo or radiation glow, I promise! She remains strong in her faith. Anyway, I've had a lot of struggles coming to terms with my mom's cancer. I suspected she had it before her diagnosis. I've had a lot of anger and anxiety when she more humbly had the attitude, of why not me? Why am I better than anyone else and not expected to get cancer? She is right. I mostly struggled with what if she dies and all the what if's about it. I know I would miss her terribly. Well she is going to die one day. We ALL are. Thanks be to God she has beaten cancer this year.
Ever since getting pregnant and losing babies and having babies, I've thought about death. Not in a morbid way but a realistic sense. This thing with my mother though - has put life in a completely different perspective and I'm not sure why but I think about life and death more than I ever have. Spending time with my parents this summer has brought me closer to God. My parents are very encouraging and supportive and not preachy or judgemental. After spending time with them and seeing how they are living life, giving to one another, giving to the needy, going to church, praying, it makes me want be close to God. I want to read about God, I want to learn the Bible, I want to pray, I want to be closer to God. I want to be ready for God and death and life after death. It's a constant battle here on earth fighting off sin but I want to be close to God! Having faith in Jesus Christ our Savior is above all things to me. Wanting to do these things and doing them feels really good. It is seriously life changing.  
Having said that I'm not going to post any pictures today. I just wanted to share some feelings.
Keep It Simple YAY


Sunday, July 9, 2017

Peachy Beachy!

HELLO! How are you? It's Sunday night around ten o'clock and I just woke up from a nap! What a nap! What an odd time to take a nap, huh? I got up super early for church this morning after a late night last night so I was dying earlier, could hardly keep my eyes open. I feel refreshed and energized now though. Yeehaw!

How's your summer going? Mine is going really well. I'm trying to soak in all the time and enjoy it to the fullest! This summer has been really relaxing so far. Since things have slowed down I'm trying to pick up on all my hobbies. I'm so excited - I read two books in the past couple weeks, worked on three puzzles, just finishing a 1,000 piece puzzle today. My tomato plants this year have taken off! I'm back to writing blog posts and working on house updates! Just enjoying LIFE and not feeling like I have to try for once!  

A couple of weeks ago we took a week long vacation to a beach in Florida. We're trying out lots of beaches we've never been to before. I say I would love to live at the beach and I think it would be wonderful but I sure do love coming back home and seeing all the lush green trees which encompass HOME for us!

Even though we are back home we can all enjoy bits and pieces of the beach! Here's a new addition to the living room. It's a canvas print of the beach in a driftwood type of wooden frame.

I added the large picture a month or so ago. We're slowly changing things to create a subtle beachy feel. My husband picked out this picture on a family outing and at first I wasn't so sure but I went with it and honestly it looks really nice. I am a matchy matchy kind of girl when it comes to furniture and picture frames but I love the relaxed way a beach cottage or house flows with mismatched furniture and wall hangings. Normally I would have black, white, cherrywood or dark walnut frames  hanging on the walls. I have to force myself out of the box so to speak!  

Here are some views of the new picture over the love seat. I used to have a modern painting of a big red flower. I like the colors in this with everything else in the house.

See my whale and turtle pillows too! It's fun and really simple. Those are burlap pillow covers I ordered online. I am super conscious about spending money and I look for great deals on everything so they were pretty inexpensive! Anyway this photograph is a little dark but I love the way the room looks with the new addition!

Hope you are doing well and hope you are able to get to the beach too this summer! Happy Day!

Keep It Simple YAY
KISY for short :-)


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Front Stoop Charm

Happy SUMMER SOLSTICE to you! Hope your day is wonderful!

With the extra time today I'm working on laundry, dishes and cleaning the hizzie on the inside. I'll be clearing out weeds in the back later on when it cools down. So exciting but yesterday we all got sun-zapped from the pool so we're taking a much needed break! What are you up to?

Here's a little info about myself - A lovely front porch is top on my list of "must haves" if we ever move again! I love a nice porch to sit out on and relax. Trying to learn some new ways to relax and sitting is one. Sitting on my "stoop" that is! Haha! Get it?! I can't really call what we have a PORCH but I can dream! :-)

I tried to create a little oasis not to mention a subtle beachy/coastal look. We LOVE the beach, no secret either. I pulled a plastic Adirondack chair from our back yard and added it to the stoop including a throw pillow for a splash of color and comfort, and some flowers and plants.

 Side view so you can see how small the stoop actually is.

I almost sold these big planters in our Spring YARD SALE! Glad I didn't and so is a bird who has made her nest in the plant! They had gold swirly accents around the pots and I just don't like GOLD that much soooo... I took some leftover pale blue latex paint and lightly brushed over the gold swirly accents! What a change it made!  
 This here cozy grouping of plants makes me happy.

So far I LOVE it! I throw on some music and sit and watch heat lightning at night or listen to nature and it's my little piece of heaven. Some nights a kiddo will even join me on the step with a popsicle.

Do you have a front porch, stoop or patio? Hope you get some relaxation this summer. Talk soon!

Keep It Simple YAY

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Mid Year Post

Pretty much sucks I haven't written a single post in almost a year. How are things going? I've been trying to stay afloat in family life and work through some things this year. I just haven't been able to get creative really. Well I say that... I've been creative just not in the bloggy sense.

Things have been good here, kinda been in a slump just trying to keep it going. I've got some updates to share so instead of talking about it and not doing, I need to get on the ball and post again and try to be more active. This site was supposed to be a creative outlet for myself. I have ditched all social media in the past year because it all drives me bonkers. Facebook, Twitter... I love seeing what other people are doing and sharing things myself but I'm over social media for the sake of being social. Just burned out. I don't know, electronics are great and all but I kinda miss my flip phone and old school ways of being in touch. I don't like seeing what smart phones, texting and social media is doing to our society as far as driving, staying active and just being human and real. I see the positives but I also see where it can be detrimental in some relationships. I'm just about over it!

Okay, jumping off my pedestal, I started this blog to be creative because for years I felt like I missed my calling as an Interior Decorator. I don't know if I did but I'm trying to follow my other callings and move on and live life to the fullest in as many aspects as possible. Home decorating is a favorite so I'm going to work on posting some more things about our house, I guess a lot of it is superficial but its the simple things and the family that creates a home. Trying to have some fun with our recent updates! I'm totally rambling on and it's late on a summer night! Happy Summer by the way!

Hope this finds anyone who might read my blog doing well.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year To You and Yours! I've put so many home decorating and house projects on hold but am going to try and get back to it and start writing posts again.

How has your year gone? I hope really well. I'm going to try and get back on track with my projects.  Happy New Year and Happy February and Happy Weekend!

Keep It Simple YAY!