Monday, June 29, 2015

Loading and Unloading My Trunk = DeCRAPIFYING Again!

WHATUP????!!!??!!?! How are you? What are you up to this summer? Swim team has me pretty busy and so does the hizzie! I am doing a MAJOR overload of decrapifying our house! I've been reading up on minimalism and how to live with so much less and am in serious DEJUNKING mode. If something doesn't emit happy thoughts or positive energy or I am not in love with something, it's leaving our house.
There are many things that don't belong to me so my children and hubs have to sort through and decide for themselves if they want to part with them or not. So far I have taken five trunk loads of crap to donate and I already have another trunk load full. I'm decluttering every part of our house, slowly. I can't say I'm on a path where I go room to room though. I find it better to just start and stop and keep moving. So far my son has weeded through all his school papers to decide what to keep and what to toss. It has been a big task. I've gone through wedding items, clothing, photographs, filing cabinets, books in the attic, trinkets, mementos, toys, you name it!
My child's school work we sorted through!

6th trunk load full

A lamp I was going to redo for 5 years and never have. We don't use it so I'm donating to someone who can!
We took a family vacation a month ago and it's always eye opening to see what we can live without when we are away. There is so much crap in our house that we don't need! I'm so excited and it's so freeing to load up the car, unload, and donate things to someone else who CAN and WILL use them! YESSS!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wall Hanging over Headboard

Guess I've been MIA for a while. Things have been pretty busy here. I wanted to share with you what I did over our head board. I think it offers a nice contrast between the fine lines of the head board and the and the night stands. The mirrors are curved and match the overall theme of the room. Happy hump day!