Friday, April 25, 2014

Installing DIY No Soliciting Sign On Brick

Good morning and HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Hope it's been a good week. Here it has been great. I can hardly walk today but it's for good reason. The past two days I've spent cleaning and prepping our wooden privacy fence so that I can stain it next week. I did the inside Wednesday and the outside yesterday. Being outside so much has been wonderful. Hope you get to spend some time outdoors this weekend!
So I wanted to follow up with the No Soliciting sign I made. We have a brick fa├žade and I had never hung anything on brick before so I took some time to research to find the best approach. I found brick clips but wasn't sure how stable one would be. I ended up purchasing a hook that is made just for hanging on brick. I got it at Lowes and it was brass but I painted it with a good old Black Rustoleum paint so it would match the front light fixtures.
Anyhow the hook came with two screws and a drill bit especially for drilling into mortar. It was surprisingly easy! The mortar was actually pretty soft to drill into once I got the hole started. So here it is!

I have noticed that I haven't had anyone ringing the doorbell since I hung it up. Not sure if it's coincidence or the sign but I hope it doesn't offend anyone and simply does the job! Have a great Friday!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Spring Is In The Air!

YESSS! It is so nice out today! Lately it has been a bit on the yucky side and cold on this end. How's it going? I'm sorry I've been MIA but for the past week I was out of town working with my dad and grandfather on my parents' house. What an awesome experience it was to work on big house projects alongside of my dad and grandfather. I learned so much! I learned how to drive my dad's riding lawn mower and how to take down gutters, replace wood and rehang gutters. I learned how to apply mortar and then grind it down and I did lots of sanding and painting and cleaning of fencing. It was great! Now that I am home again I have some projects staring me in the face in my own house. For today I just wanted to share a small touch of Spring decorating for the season! I love Springtime! Do you have any Spring decorations you put out this time of year? Hope you had a great Easter! Have a great day!

Friday, April 4, 2014

April Showers Bring May Flowers - Umbrella Door Decor!

TGIF! Happy Friday to you! What have you been up to? Have you done any decorating or updating lately? The weather here has been gorgeous this week and I have to admit that is one perk of being home with my kids. When it's nice, we are outside! Between yesterday and today I've spent most of the days out doing yard work. Six bales of pine needles spread, five bags of leaves raked and lots of sticks picked up by the trash today. Flower bed weeded! It's been productive to say the least and the kids had a ball playing with water guns and soccer balls!

So onto my latest little project... It's an umbrella bouquet for the front door! I found it on Random Thoughts!
I found an adorable teal umbrella for cheap (to contrast with the navy blue door) online and flowers from Michaels half off, plus two coupons and ribbon I already had to boot! Simple enough, it just gets a little smashed when the storm door is closed. It's okay though cause when you open the door front door with the storm door closed we get to enjoy the arrangement on the inside of the house. :) 

This project is so simple and fitting for this time of year. My mom did one for her door too. She has a yellow or hunter green front door and got a light green umbrella with a wooden handle and pink toned flowers. Beautiful too. Wish I had taken a picture because I had it hanging on my door last weekend!

A little smashed but that's okay :)

I'd love to hear what your last decorating project was!  Have a great Friday!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Duct Tape Hanger Post RENIG!

Oh so I must update my blog and let you know what happened with the duct tape hanger on the back of the spoon mirror! Well, we were sleeping one night last week, the night after I hung the mirror on the wall, annnnnndddddd our burglar alarm went off scaring the mess out of my husband and me. We have NEVER had this happen before where it went off and it wasn't one of us setting it off accidentally. We checked the kids and ran downstairs to find the spoon mirror on the floor with a hand full of spoons scattered on the hardwoods. The duct tape hanger did not work! Knowing how strong duct tape is, I know it would work in some way to hold the mirror on the wall but this was a BIG FAT NO! It probably had to do with the positioning of the tape. The mirror fell on the floor setting off the glass breaks on the windows, which set the burglar alarm off. NICE. So now my hubs kinda dislikes the mirror a WHOLE lot! Anyhow I glued the spoons back on and went to Michaels where I bought a large plate holder. AWESOMENESS! It fit the back side and it works! It is WAY BETTER. So if you decide to make one of these, be sure to hang it with a PLATE HANGER! Hope your day is a good one! The temps here are absolutely wonderful and I can't wait to get outside today!